From structure to design everything is possible.


Choose the shape and dimensions that you prefer, or customize your own.


You can choose from many different materials. Like wood and carbon fiber.


Our digital prints don’t have any limitations.

With almost ten years of experience in the field we have a selection of prime super-tested raw materials. We’ve done most of the work, the rest is up to you. At 360 degrees.

You can choose the kind of wood that you like best: maple or beech. Of the color that you prefer for each ply. And in a deck there are seven. Water based glue or resin. Layers of carbon fiber for the right degree of stiffness. There is maximum flexability concerning graphics : you choose, any type: camels, dromedaries, stars, strips, spirals, words…

You can add what ever you want without limits and number of colors. Laser engraving is also available, if you like it. Customization is possible for a single deck like for large quantites for large distribution. Available for all, from the skater to the stores.

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1. Shape: the form of the deck.

2. Decorative deck: the decorative deck isn’t skateable (it’s purely for show), it’s aesthetically equal to regular decks. It has an inferior cost because it’s realized with water based glue instead of epoxy resin. It’s used for interior decorating.

3. Carbon fiber: the carbon fiber inserts cross the whole length of the deck. They are positioned among the wood layers to confer stiffness and resistance.

4. Flared holes: the flare of the truck holes on the top part of the deck are made for easy assembly.

5 – 6. Graphic customization: with the laser engraving you can add a trade mark, a writing or a small image; with the digital print you can apply any image/graphic to your deck.

7 – 8 – 9. Coloured layers: you can color the wood layers of the shade that you like most.

By filling out the form you will directly send your order. You will be contacted as soon as possible to confirm the details of your deck, from the measurements to the concave. We will send you a file where you will be able to insert your graphic.

The price is calculated for a single deck; for larger orders up to 4 pieces the price varies according to the quantities. Contact us directly to receive a quotation based on your application.

No minimum order.

There are no limitations to the number of colours in the graphics.

The price doesn’t vary in case of multiple orders with graphics and different sizes (es. 5 decks with 5 graphics and different sizes among them).


Are you the owner of a brand or a shop?
Would you like to customize series with your brand?